Westdale Bay

West Dale is a picturesque beach most easily accessed from Dale village. You can park in the carpark in the centre of the village from where it is about a 10 minute walk. Head out of the car park away from the village and follow the road to the left. As the road bears sharply left you will see a gate which leads to the field you need to cross to access the beach. Alternatively you can walk from Kilhay over the headland, across the (disused!) airfield. West Dale can have some fantastic waves for surfing and body boarding but take care as the currents can also be strong. Again this is a sandy beach with lots of rock pools to explore. This beach is surrounded by steep cliffs but is not dependent on the tide for access. West Dale holds a Green Coast Award which is given to isolated rural beaches with excellent water quality and a high environmental standard but which have few or no facilities.